Downsizing” for a Healthier and Longer Life
July, 2000

published, OC Metro Magazine

If you are overweight or obese you probably already know that obesity is a disease (much like diabetes and hypertension).

You should know that much like these two diseases, obesity has a significant genetic predisposition and thus (in most cases) is NOT YOUR FAULT!

You surely know (even better than your doctor, unless they too are overweight) that diets DO NOT WORK for long-term weight control.

You should now know that commercial weight loss programs, dietary supplements, infomercial “fat blockers,” “fat whackers,” “exercise in a bottle” etc., serve only to slim your wallet not your waist!

You need to know that just as pharmacotherapy revolutionized the treatment of diabetes and hypertension (as well as other diseases), so to, has prescription medication become the foundation for obesity treatment.
What you also need to know is that the prudent and judicious use of combination drug therapy to suppress appetite, control cravings, improve insulin sensitivity, and lower one’s metabolic set point has allowed long-term weight loss success to become a reality for many!!
You really need to know that exercise is an important adjunct HOWEVER, you really, really, need to know that to lose 1 lb. of “fat” if you weight 180 lbs. you have to walk at 4 mi/hr x 7 1/2 hrs and cover 30 miles! (You’re probably asking did I really need to know that?)
And finally if you’re serious about “downsizing” long term for a healthier and longer life, you really need to know how to contact us.


Individual results may vary with treatment.