May, 1997

In reference to the recent mayo clinic “study” in which 24 overweight women were found to have valvular heart disease, all of whom had been on “phen-phen” an average of ten months, consider the following:

  1. In the 24 and 30 years respectively that phentermine and fen fluramine have been available including almost ten years of combination therapy, not a single case of valvular heart disease had been reported; and yet within a few months, 24 cases were found all living within a 200 mile radius of one another within one half of the cases reported by one physician.
  2. No “Study” was ever done, according to Mayo, a “Serendipitious observation based on physician communication.” A “Perceived Association.”
  3. These are probably closer to 25 million patients on these medications (18 million prescriptions/month not including physicians who dispense and thousands of patients on these medications continuously for 3 and 4 years or longer).
  4. Has anyone examined the possibility of a contaminant (remember tryptophan, an amino-acid used for insomnia? A contaminated batch from a single distributor caused some people to develop edsinophilic myalgic syndrome, a rare side effect causing muscular and neurologic symptoms.) Tryptophan has never returned to health food store shelves.
  5. What about the possibility of an infectious agent?
  6. Rumors of credibility, politics, drug manufacturing and patents may also need to be investigated and further evaluated.
  7. Most importantly, a prospective medical study needs to be done to obtain valid objective results.


Individual results may vary with treatment.