December, 1999

  • 55% of the U.S. population is overweight, that’s 97 million adults.
  • A 6 lb. weight loss in one month equals 21000 calories or the caloirc equivalent of 42 Big Macs! (Honest)
  • At Executive positions it is estimated that for every pound overweight, one’s salary is 1000 less a year! (Sumo wrestlers excluded)

Obesity is a chronic, genetic, metabolic, and progressive disease, much like diabetes and hypertension, with one very notable difference. Unlike these other diseases (which it often causes or makes worse) obesity cannot be hidden from those around you or the mirror in hidden from those around you or the mirror in front of you. It’s like a double whammy, physically and psychologically. When is the last time you heard a 5 year old clutching his/her mother’s dress in the market, pointing and saying, “Mommy, Mommy look at that man! He has hypertension!” It just doesn’t happen! Because these diseases are chronic, treatment for “control” not “cure” must also be chronic. Just as effective drug therapy revolutionized the treatment of hypertension and diabetes, so too has pharmacotherapy revolutionized the treatment of obesity, to where long term success is now a realistic goal for many.

Was it any wonder that commercial weight loss programs began using drug therapy for obesity treatment in 1995 and 1996? Why? The majority of patients who used the now infamous “phen-fen” combination, not only lost weight, but kept it off, while feeling in control of their food cravings and appetites for the first time in their lives!

The philosophy of our medical weight loss program at Weight No More is clear and simple. The only true goal of any weight loss program medical or commercial should be long term weight loss maintenance period! Dietary restrictions and exercise, as important as they are, rarely buy themselves results in long term in long term weight loss success (Just ask Oprah). Individualized and often combination pharmacotherapy has become an important and integral part of a patient’s success. Obesity needs to be taken seriously, treated seriously and treated with respect! Questions?? Call Weight No More for additional information or to speak personally with Dr. Skversky, in reference to our medication assisted medical weight loss program.


Individual results may vary with treatment.