How much does it cost?


Note: We are putting together a more comprehensive answer to this question,  to give you a better overview of what fees you can expect on a monthly basis.The cost of the program is surprisingly affordable in comparison to most established weight loss programs that offer much less, in the way of medical supervision and tangible help in your effort to lose weight.  


Dr. Skversky has focused his medical practice to the treatment of the overweight patient for the past 18  years.  His experience and expertise in the field helps patients avoid wasting their hard-earned money on worthless supplements and injections that do nothing more than slim your wallet!  

A comment from Dr. S:

"Finally, although I know that Weight No More’s long term success is pounds and pounds lighter and less expensive than most, if not all, commercial or hospital based programs, if a patient is having financial difficulty, they are encouraged to speak with me personally for assistance. Of course, there is no charge if after the initial office consultation, physical examination and explanation of medication, side effects, etc., a patient decides not to begin.  Please call or e-mail if  you have additional questions."



Individual results may vary with treatment.

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