At Weight No More, patients looking to shed extra pounds through medical weight loss management programs can access expert advice and support in Newport Beach, CA.

Medical Weight Loss Management Q&A

What options for weight loss management are available?

Medical weight management uses an array of weight loss techniques and medical knowledge to help people to manage their weight and live healthier lives. Lifestyle changes and nutritional counseling are the main component to losing weight and keeping it off. Patients generally use a meal replacement program to kick start the weight loss journey. Medications might also be used to help jump-start the process if the person is very overweight or obese. However, sustaining a healthy lifestyle and continuing with regular exercise is very important to weight maintenance for the future.

What are pre-packaged meal replacement plans?

Meal replacement plans are created to be both healthy and filling for those trying to lose weight. Meal replacement is often used in the beginning of a medically supervised weight loss program to carefully control the calories consumed by a patient while ensuring he or she also takes in sufficient nutrients. Meal replacement plans are not a long term solution as it is not sustainable. The doctor works with patients to help them to changes their thoughts and behaviors throughout the program to transition away from meal replacements and replace them with healthy and sustainable long-term meal choices. Some of the meal replacement programs available at Weight No More include:

  • New Direction
  • Health Management Resources
  • Advanced Health System

What medications are available with a weight loss program?

Losing weight takes dedication and hard work to achieve the goals of sustainable weight loss. While there are no short-cuts to losing weight and keeping it off, the doctors at Weight No More can prescribe medications to help control appetite and cravings. Prescribed medications are part of a program that also includes healthy diet and exercise. Medication is most often prescribed to patients who are very obese. FDA-approved medications include:

  • Xenical®
  • Belviq®
  • Qsymia®
  • Saxenda®
  • Adipex-P®
  • Suprenza®