To ensure that people stay healthy and lose weight effectively, the doctors at Weight No More provide advice and reliable access to FDA-approved weight loss supplements for patients in and around Newport Beach, CA.

Weight Loss Supplements Q&A

Which vitamins are important to weight loss?

Supplementation is occasionally necessary to help with weight loss efforts. In addition to the B-complex vitamins which are well known for boosting energy and metabolism, there are several vitamins and supplements that support weight loss. Fiber for example not only helps you to feel more full but it also helps your body to digest food efficiently. Fish oil is known to help metabolise fats and proteins. There are also links between sufficient vitamin D and weight loss. Additional vitamins which can speed up the metabolism include niacin, vitamin B-6, and iron which increases metabolism by helping with L-carnitine production, an amino acid which encourages the burning of fat.

Which Vitamins & Supplements does Weight No More offer?

Weight No More will assess each patient to determine his or her nutritional needs using personal interviews, physical exams, medical history, and blood testing. This will help the doctor to create a customized supplement program to meet the person’s particular needs. Nutritional medicines including appetite suppressants are used during nutritional coaching efforts to encourage weight loss and general nutritional enhancement. Dietary changes are used together with energizing vitamins, B-12 injections for extra energy boosts, and a carefully monitored exercise programs for regular and maintained weight loss. The office also offers nutritional consultations which provide patients with the information needed to make the most out of the food being eaten in conjunction with a customized exercise plan.

What are pre-packaged meal replacement plans?

Meal replacement plans provide supplementary nutrients in controlled calorie formats to help patients jumpstart their weight loss journeies. Counseling on thought and behavior changes is also commonly combined with these types of programs to help patients make a healthy transition from supplements to healthy grocery store food. This can assist the patient with keeping up with the good habits that were established during the program. Forms of meal replacement programs available from Weight No More include:

  • New Direction
  • Health Management Resources
  • Advanced Health System