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Weight Loss Q&A


What are the benefits of physician-supervised weight loss management plan?

Losing weight and keeping it off is challenging. Sometimes, food preferences and busy lifestyles make it too easy to eat non nutritious food or skip exercise. When a patient asks a doctor for help, he or she is not only asking for help to make positive lifestyle changes, but also allowing someone to hold her accountable for those decisions. The doctor will discuss what the patient’s goals are and develops weight loss plan including meal plans, supplements, and exercise to meet those goals in a healthy and reasonable period of time. During the weight loss program the patient and doctor meet on a regular basis to monitor progress and make adjustments to prevent a plateau. Once the goal weight has been achieved, the patient and doctor will meet to monitor weight and well being and to work on building healthy habits to maintain a healthy weight


What does a weight loss management plan include?

Patients typically have a thorough physical exam, including blood tests and other lab work to check for possible nutritional deficiencies or medical issues that may contribute to weight gain. A complete medical history can also provide important information including details about their dietary habits, lifestyles and food preferences so a customized plan can be developed for their needs. The doctor will schedule routine office visits to ensure the patient stays on track and healthy throughout the course of treatment.


Why is a medically assisted diet helpful?

Creating these good habits that work hand in hand with diet and exercise provides a solid foundation where your weight loss journey can begin. Utilizing these tools can help to keep you healthy long after the weight has come off. It also is important to visit the office for frequent follow-up visits during and after the program. It is suggested that patients follow up with the doctor at three to four-week intervals until the initial weight loss goals are met.



Individual results may vary with treatment.